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Our company, BIOIN –NOVO Ltd., is a bio preparation research and manufacturing company, developing industrial technologies and producing biological pesticides to combat a wide range of pests and fungal diseases, as well as mycorrhizal products to boost plant growth and to help them survive stress.

Our products are environmentally safe and harmless both for the man and for useful insects. They have been approved for use by the Russian Ministry of Health and by the State Commission for Chemicals.

We are eager to find business partners interested in joint production or sale  of such bio preparations as BICOL, BAXIN, TRICHODERMIN, and NIKFAN used to protect plants and in joint research  and development in the area of bio preparations, such as mycorrhizal products, used to boost plant growth of different plants and to increase resistance to soil-born diseases.

Bio preparations manufactured by our company are based on different bacteria and fungi. These bio preparations are highly efficient against 80 species of harmful insects on cereal crops, fruit trees, vegetables, hop and many others. Our company also produces bio preparations against different kinds of fungal diseases.

Our employees are biotechnologists with  20-years experience of working in laboratories and factories developing bio preparation production technologies (including waste water treatment).

We have 11 registered patents in the area of bio preparation technologies. We have our own collections of agent producing microorganisms available at our laboratories. Our products are totally competitive in quality to similar foreign bio preparations such as DIPEL, NOVODOR, THURICIDE but are considerably less expensive. We can produce as much as 20 tons of the products per month.