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NIKFAN is a biological preparation. It is a complex multi-component product, the basic part of which consists of the products of vital functions of fungi. Fungi which are used in the production are grown on plants, soil, and fruit.

In the course of preparation manufacture, 12 various fungi are used. The complex biochemical composition of the preparation includes organic substances similar to humic acids, their salts and extracts of different plants.

All the preparation components are carefully balanced by their performance characteristics. The optimum composition of the preparation variety depends on the purpose of its application.

To give an example, to enhance the green mass of plants, we use sources of stimulating growth, to increase the weight of tubers, we use combinations of enzymes and grown substances and so on. The technique of optimizing the structure of a preparation variety and the producing strains are the know-how of the manufacturer.

Due to their high biological activity, the preparations of NIKFAN can be used for pre-seeding treatment of seeds, for treatment of the vegetative mass in the process of growth as immunity boosters and sources of aminoacids, vitamins, enzymes, phytohormones and carbohydrates. Thanks to such a complex of characteristics, they ensure the following effects:

  • enhance seed germination by 10-15 %;
  • promote grafting;
  • enhance resistance of plants to unfavorable growth conditions;
  • contribute to root formation and photosynthesis;
  • enhance frost- and drought resistance;
  • reduce the terms of ripening by 1-1.5 weeks;
  • increase the efficiency of mineral fertilizer;
  • decrease the content of nitrates, heavy metals and radio nuclides in plants;
  • decrease infestation of plants with phytopathogens by 81.5 %.

Due to these factors, the crop yields increase by 20-115 %.

The preparation's application rate is 1~ 3 ml per hectare.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Engineering, Professor Tatiana Nugmanova
Director of BIOIN-NOVO Ltd.