Bicol, Baxin, Lutan, Nikfan

Bicol, Baxin, Lutan, NikfanIf you are trying to protect your crops from different harmful organisms, like insects, bacteria or fungi, and at the same time you wish to save our planet and its environment for the people, you can do it by applying our BIO


BIOIN – NOVO Ltd. offers the following bio preparations:

In comparison with chemical pesticides, bio preparations only affect certain species and groups of insects. When a bio preparation gets into a larva, it kills the insect within a few days. The effect remains during 8-9 days. These bio preparations are non-toxic for man, animals and fish, as well as for useful insects. All bio preparations are ABSOLUTELY HARMLESS, not changing the taste or color of the treated plants.

All BIO PREPARATIONS are ENVIRONMENTALLY CLEAN. They do not get accumulated in plants. Our BIOPREPARATIONS are produced under a safety certificate issued by the Russian Ministry of Health.


is especially effective against;
- larvae of the Colorado potato beetle, caterpillars, the cabbage moth, beet webworms, the codling moth, black-veined white, fall webworm, leaf-rolling moth, gypsy moth, abraxas grossulariata, etc.

Bicol is used on the following plants: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, beets, carrots, cucumbers, apple-trees, pear-trees, plum-trees, sweet cherry trees, apricot-trees, mulberry-trees, currants, gooseberries, pyrethrum, dogrose, valeriana, calendula, hop, etc.


is an effective biological preparation which suppresses the growth of more than 100 species of different leaf-cutting caterpillars on the following plants: beet, carrot, cabbage, apple, pear, plum, cherry, sweet, apricot, mulberry -tree, currant, gooseberry, vine, hop, and various flowers.
Baxin is manufactured in the form of concentrated dry powder which should be diluted in water before use.


is very effective against different species of pathogenic fungi. This preparation can be used to treat plants growing in fields and greenhouses and to process fruit and vegetables during transportation and storage.
Lutan is manufactured in the form of concentrated paste.


It is a complex multi-component product. Its basic part consists of the products of vital functions of fungi.

Due to their high biological activity, the preparations of NIKFAN can be used for pre-seeding treatment of seeds, for treatment of the vegetative mass in the process of growth as immunity boosters and sources of aminoacids, vitamins, enzymes, phytohormones and carbohydrates. Thanks to such a complex effect, it ensures increase of crop yields by 20-115 %.